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Is It Real Change?

On this journey that we call life we encounter alot of things, make alot of decisions (some good and some bad), and we have a choice to learn from it all.
When our parents bring us into this world, I’m sure with high hopes in some cases. Some found themselves pregnant and had to just deal with the hand they were dealt. Parents make sacrafices for their children on so many levels that children, hopefully as they grow up to be adults, will be able to look back and say “wow, now I get it.”

What happens when a mother does all that she can do for a child, but the child, now an adult, seems to still embrace the “mindset” that the world owes them something? How did they arrive at that mindset in the first place?

What would you think if you had to raise a child the best that you could, on a fixed income, but giving them the best of everything you could afford, ensuring that they had a “childhood,” making sure that you were there when they arrived home from school everyday and seeing to it that they were taken care of daily, only to have them turn around and never graduate high school, struggle all of their life to get a GED….oh let me back up…
This child had a job as a teenager, but felt like the bills (that they helped create) we’re just his mother’s responsibility. Later, the child moves out in anger because they didn’t want to help their own mother who sacraficed her life for them. All of their adult life has partied, gone from job to job, ended up homeless and near homeless to find themselves right back at home with their mother at the age of 48 and still has the “mindset” that the world owes them something.
Why would a grown man want to live with his mother and not help to make her life better? Why is it that he feels violated when she asks him questions concerning his life and what he plans to do to better himself? How can a man, living with his mother, curse his mother and expect things to go well in his life?
We are put on this Earth to help each other, at least that’s what I thought. I know that we all have our struggles, Lord knows I’m not on the “world’s best people” list, but when did it become ok to disrespect our parents when it was them that God used to get us here in the first place. We all have purpose and a right to find out what that is, but I’m just one to think that as you seek to “change” your life and you find yourself back at home with “mommy” wouldn’t you want to do all that you could to help contribute to her longevity, especially since you’d be homeless without her? Wouldn’t you want to do your part to contribute to the running and upkeep of the household instead of trying to hide money for selfish reasons? Is It Real Change? or are you just fooling yourself?

Change requires growth, and anything that isn’t changing, sincerely, isn’t growing and anything or person that isn’t growing is dead or dying. Let us seek our purpose and life fulfillment in such a way that it helps and not hinders others. Let us embrace the fact that we are where we are because of our own life choices. Let us look in the mirror and say to ourselves, “from this day forward I’m going to do and be better.” We have a responsibilty when we faulter to pick ourselves us up, brush ourselves off, and keep going forward. Sometimes that going forward will require a different route than the one we’ve chosen, but its something we must do or we would have to ask ourselves Is It Real Change that we’re seeking or are we just fooling ourselves?
I hope this post provokes a thought and/or an action in my readers to make a change.

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Soul Smile, He Never Forgets!

Today I read a scripture from the King James Version of the Bible.
The scripture is Isaiah 49:16 and it reads “Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.”

This scripture blessed me in a very unexpected way since for the last couple of days I have been in sort of a funk, you know where you’re dealing with everything the best you can and more stuff keeps coming up, and in the meantime you’re trying to stand on what you believe about God to be true. Now don’t get me wrong, I wholely believe and trust in God The Father, my Creator, my King and Source for everything, but I’ve been in this mindset of saying “God, where are You? Why is all this going on?” So, today as I came upon this scripture in my morning time with God it was like a drink of fresh water to me.

I was drawn in by the verse before it (15) which talks about if a woman won’t forget the child she birthed, then God won’t forget us and I read on to the verse which held such a quenching to my spiritual thirst.

This scripture (Isaiah 49:16) speaks of the measure that God goes through to remember his chosen children. I mean we are talking about a God who bears the character trait of being Omniscient, so He knows all, but His love for us is so great that He would engrave (to deeply impress, firmly fix, carve or sculpture) us in the palm of His hand, much like the tradition of tying a string around your finger so that you won’t forget something. He does this to ensure that He won’t forget us (much like the nails in His hands at crucifixtion). Then he goes on to say that “your walls are ever before me” which speaks to the details of our lives. Everything that concerns us that may have been broken down or taken away, God, The Creator of the Universe is mindful that those things be rebuilt in our lives.

I always ascribe to The Father that He’s ever so mindful of us, this scripture to me settles it in my spirit and makes my SOUL SMILE….HE NEVER FORGETS!!!

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It is I

Hello.  Thank you for taking a little time to drop by and read my blog today.  Please feel free to share this blog address with your friends.

I am one who loves to read and learn about new things.  I love to share information with others especially if it can improve ones way of life, way of thinking, or better one’s health.  I just love to share information.

I also write poetry so, from time to time you will be able to read some of  my cherished works. 

I have a small business where we create one of a kind fragrance oil and perfume oil blends as well as some body butters, hair products, and skin care products.  All of our products are created by us, and packaged by us.

So, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever your soothing libation is and enjoy.

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