Forced To Change!

01 Oct

Today I’m just going over and over in my mind about what today means to so many people. October 1st is the kick of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it’s also the day that thousands of Michigan residence that receive cash benefits from the state of Michigan get their monetary assistance cut.
I’ve heard and read a lot of opinions on this subject and although I see and understand one side of popular opinion, I can’t help but to think about those that TRULY need the help and what they will do or what will happen to them after today?

Our new Governor has made this decision and put a cap on assistance to families for 4 years. I understand how he may not want people to become comfortable on receiving assistance or taking the system for granted, of which thousands have done over the years, but what about those who have taken all of the steps and followed all of the protocol required by the state and still find themselves in a place of having no job and the only way that they could pay bills and/or assist with taking care of their families is through the money that they receive from the state, until today?
What about the elderly people who have depended on assistance because their SSI check isn’t enough to pay their bills and pay for food too? These people get to keep their foodstamp assistance, but what good will that do if, because of lack of funds, these people end up homeless? What good will foodstamps do then?

Yes, for those that have just sat back and enjoyed a life of luxuary at the expense of tax payer dollars maybe this will force them to try and get a job. I say try because jobs seem to be so scarce. You have people that can operate all of the latest computer programs and have the capability, but because they have lack of experience alot of places will not hire. I mean there are numerous people who have all types of skill, but the job market is harsh these days, especially for people 40 and up.

I hope that this drastic change will be the start of a brand new day for alot of people. Maybe this is what they need to start that home based business. Maybe they can get funding from the state for starting a business, or going back to school to help them find better employment, but either way its not going to be easy.

These are tough times and from where I sit we better start banding together as a community to help each other do what is necessary to make it in the world. If you know of somebody that has a home business, give them your business and then tell others about it. If you know of somebody that may need a meal or some food, reach out to them to help the best way you can, and then get others to help too. If we start within ourselves to help each other, I’m sure we can all learn from and grow from this situation.
What else will we do if we don’t ban together? What will happen if those of us who can help won’t help? Either way it goes, if you are effected directly or effected indirectly, we’re all FORCED TO CHANGE!

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