Lady In Waiting

21 Dec

As I mentioned in a previous post “Transition” I have come to a time in my life where I recognize that I must separate myself from some things and some people. Now don’t get me wrong, for as much as I am ready to go, my heart aches for a few of those that I will be leaving behind. I wonder in my private moments how these people will continue to fair under the pressure that goes on in this particular place. I wonder how it will effect them in the long run to continue to subject themselves to the abuse that goes on in the name of the Lord.
I for one have studied, and studied my bible for years and still have not come across some of the things that people want to pass off as “Godly” actions. On the one hand they will preach and attempt to teach forgiveness, but in the same situation fail to show an example of it. On another hand they will preach and attempt to teach compassion, but only show compassion for those that are their favorites. I’m sorry, but I know for a fact that the Bible tells us not to have any respect of persons; God certainly doesn’t. Nowhere in the Bible that I read does is exempt Pastors and others in leadership from correction. Granted that it is to be done a certain way, but so it is with all correction….and can we please stop using the term “touch not God’s anointed” as a reason and excuse to treat people like they are beneath you just because they don’t live up to a certain standard in your eyes.
The Lord has given us a charge to be reconcilers. We are to reconcile people to God, and people to people. How in the world can we expect to reach and help those that we consider lost when we ourselves aren’t walking in the precepts and statues that God has laid out for believers. People need hope in this ever changing world and if they can’t come to the “church” and get hope, or compassion, or love…where will they get it? and what does that say about the God that we serve. We say God is love, and we say we are of God, but can we say we’re love too….would God call us love?
It is truly something that I continue to go over in my mind and heart as I wait these last few days before change really comes.
What have I learned from all of this? I’ve learned that loyalty and faithfulness can sometimes go hand in hand, but there needs to be a line drawn concerning our loyalty to people and things that don’t bring us happiness and hope. I’ve learned that if you allow people to continue to treat you a certain way and don’t make a strong stand against it, they will think that its ok to treat people that way. I’ve learned that my loyalty better be and and always will be to Christ first and then to man.
For now I observe, I serve, and ponder for my change…until change comes I’ll remain that “Lady In Waiting”

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