Made Free!

21 Dec

The word of The Lord says “and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”
Let me touch on this for a minute. Truth…what is truth to you as a believer or “Christian?”
Truth to me is information that brings enlightenment or information that causes one to change their way of thinking in such a way that it ultimately changes that person’s life for the better…and although a lie can be true to some people, that is called deception; once a person encounters real truth their spirit will leap within them and Holy Spirit will confirm that they have in fact encountered truth.
So, the Bible says and you shall “know” the truth…the word know is used in the bible as an intimate phrase as in “and Adam knew Eve “…meaning that he had intimate relations with her…Abraham knew Sarah and they had Isaac…I refer to this because I want to take you to the place of “knowing the truth”…becoming intimate with, relating to, intercourse (allow the word to enter your heart and permeate your very being) being penetrated by the Word of God…To know the truth in this way is what “makes” you free. A lot of people say “the truth sets you free”…and although they have good intentions when they say it, it is a miss quote. Being set free is to be released from something or by something outside of yourself. To know the truth (to become intimate with, allow it to penetrate, and permeate your heart, thus putting it into practice) is what “makes” you free because you have become intimate with it. Once a person is made free by truth it is highly unlikely to cause them to be in bondage again. Once you are intimate with something, a soul tie is created. Stay with me now. Being intimate is a spiritual thing all the way across the board, sex is spiritual, it creates soul ties…that’s a whole other subject we’ll touch later.
Nobody ever thinks of having a soul tie with the Word of God or with The Presence of God…and yet even “knowing” the truth of being in the presence of God will make you free as well. Once you have truly been in His Presence it changes you forever, anything that you have intimacy with (know) can and will change you forever so, be very selective as to what you allow yourself to become intimate with on a natural and spiritual basis.
That’s My Perspective-Robyn Peoples
Originally written on January 3, 2011

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