Am I Rambling?!

25 Feb

Today was a day for me that didn’t start how I thought it would and I don’t know how it will end.

I tossed and turned most of the night, my mind simply wouldn’t shut down for more than an hour at a time.  I did what I normally do, lay down and begin to thank God for everything (whether good or bad) and begin to pray for others.  One thing I did notice is that one particular person that I prayed for kept coming back to my mind everytime I would wake up to either “toss” or “turn.”  What that was all about? I have no idea, but I hope they turn out okay.

When I got up I didn’t feel refreshed so I yawned and stretched to see if that would help, it did a little.  Had a short conversation with the hubby about his photos and what we want to do from this point as well as me actually wrapping my mind around us doing some winter shots, different than those that we’ve already done. 

I have sat and contemplated creating a new fragrance, but nothing came to mind so that turned into a shade of gray for me.  I thought I would have been out and about by now, with him, but that didn’t happen due to some prolonged project.  I’m sitting here making myself accept the fact that its all for the good of all that we are involved in, but I have to admit that I’m pretty darn selfish when it comes to sharing my husband with anybody on Saturdays.  I mean for the most part its our only real off day so, I always look forward to maybe sleeping in, piddling around in our pj’s with coffee and articles or conversations of future and/or present planning.  The spring and summer months I always look forward to what we call our “Sunrise Saturdays” where we go and watch the sun crack the sky, as I worship God with a full heart because watching the sun take its place just does something to me spiritually.  We take lots of photos of course of the sun, people enjoying the sunrise with us, things that the sun touches as it ascends to its rightful place, and each other.  Then its off to a slow breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants and taking care of errands or whatever other plans we have for that day. 

I guess I’m just missing him today and this is my way of getting it out so that he doesn’t come home to a woman with an attitude because I know that at the end of the day a man wants to come home to peace and that’s something that I value and gladly offer him.  I love this man, he’s my best friend and maybe as more years pass (10 this year married) I won’t be so selfish with him…LOL…I just enjoy our time together and tend to frown on anything that comes against that.  So, I smile and rest my head as I take another sip of tea and wonder why in the world did I just share all of this with you…LOL!

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