Naturally Good Part 2

02 Mar

I posted “Naturally Good” about one of our products that we create with all natural ingredients. We created this product to not only moisturize the skin, but to actually have skin renewal capabilities and softening properties.

I’m doing this post because I myself had a moment where I needed something to help with a special little rash that I developed on top of both my hands. I had my hands in some water with a few cleaning products for a couple days straight and paid the price with the skin on my hands becoming irritated.
When it first started I just dealt with it by putting some really good lotion on it, but that just wasn’t working for me. So, one day I sat down to the computer and began doing some research on some natural ways to heal the rash and make my skin smooth again.
I think I was about 10 minutes in when it dawned on me “Oh my God, The Body Balm!” So, I went into the stock box and pulled out a jar. I remembered that when I created this product I wanted something that would not only be good FOR a person’s skin, but good TO the skin as well.
I smacked myself in the head as I took time to read the ingredients out loud to myself, with my chastising voice, and then unscrewed the top and liberally applied the balm to my hands.
INSTANT RELIEF from the itching that I was experiencing at the time and that all by itself was reason enough for me to keep using it. Over the next couple days I applied the balm to my hands maybe three times a day and especially after I washed my hands after a task.
I began to not only notice the softness of my hands after each use, but the discolorization from my scratching began to get lighter and lighter. Within 3 days the discolorization was gone, the itching had completely stopped, and the skin on the top of my hands was much, much, softer than it was before I had used it for the rash.
I felt so silly because in the past I kept a jar of this stuff on my coffee table to use every now and then and for clients when they come over and want to instantly try something. Turns out that I really “needed” to use it and I was so pleased with the results that now I mention to people daily on our facebook page (Fragrance Cafe’)and anytime the subject of good body products comes up in a conversation. I’m proud of this little jar of goodness….LOL…maybe I should call it that! For now I’ll stick with “Naturally Good Body Balm” because it’s made with all natural ingredients and it really is good for and to my skin. Now I must make enough to keep on stock since I talk about it so much.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.

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