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Titles Aren’t Necessary!

One thing that urks, and mean literally rubs me the wrong way is a person that is so religious that they have to address people by some sort of title…So, of course I’m speaking in terms of belonging to a local assembly or church.

I do understand that as believers we try and honor each other and reverance the gifts that God has placed in each of us, but the one thing that the Bible states that we are, and we always will be to each other, is Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

So for me, it is not necessary for a person to call me Deaconess, Minister, or even to address me with the common new thing to religiously say “woman of God.”  I know who I am in Christ.  I know the gifts that God has placed in me, but I really am one who seeks to remain humble in where God is taking me.  I often ask people to just address me by my name, Robyn, or Sister Robyn, or Mrs. Peoples.  I feel that it keeps me close to people and reachable to people. 

Now my problem is that there is a person who continues to address me with titles and I have asked them on several occassions not to do so.  I’ve done it publicly, and privately and they continue to just do as they wish.  I am seriously bothered by this because now I feel like they are being so “religious” that they can’t even respect me enough as a person to honor my request….

At this point I am stuck as to what to do.  Do I just grin and bear it since I won’t be there that much longer anyway? Or do I address it by other means by involving other leaders?  The second question I ask because I feel that if I don’t deal with this while I’m in this local assembly, I won’t know how to deal with it if it comes up where ever I may end up because I truly feel that….

Titles Aren’t Necessary!

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