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Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.  That’s all I kept coming across in my emails, on my Face Book page and in conversations with friends; I saw this or that on Pinterest, I pinned something on my board.  Some even suggested that I check it out.  I thought to myself “Hey, I have a personal Face Book page, and a Fan Page for business. I don’t need another thing to have to manage.”  So, without further ado and after a year of hearing about it, reading about it, and debating about it, I have finally created a Pinterest account.

Now, for me right now, it’s a little overwhelming.  I’m trying to see all I can see, read all I can read, like and comment on the things I see, but I’m still trying to figure out how I want to use Pinterest to best benefit me and the hubby.  We both have businesses that I think could benefit from being on Pinterest, but I’m not sure if its the best way or best thing for us to do right now.

What if our postings get really great attention and we actually start making even more than we have been making through our FB pages? That would be great.  The increase in business would be really great, but what concerns me is being able to handle the business from Pinterest, FB, and even our personal encounters of people that we tell about our business.  I mean from what I’ve seen people are posting everything from things that they sell as a business, things they sell like a garage sell, things that they use in their home, craft projects, gifts, art, movies, music, photos and so much more.

So I’ll give it the first 30 days and see how things go.  I’ve started one board and plan to add some more items to it to see how the exposure turns out.

Do you have a Pinterest account?  How do you use yours?  Is it beneficial for what you want to use it for? Did you end up using it for something other than what your first intention was?

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I was honored this week to have my business, Fragrance Cafe’, featured as business of the week by Jewelry Fetish.  Jewelry Fetish is a custom jewelry designer that offers one of a kind pieces and custom designs that are stylish, unique, and set apart from all others.  Check out the interview.  Then check Fragrance Cafe’ and Jewelry Fetish on Facebook, we’d both love to have you as friends and clients.
1. What was it that sparked your interest in starting your own business, what products or services does your business provide, and how long have you been in business?
Actually what sparked my interest was a sermon I had heard in church one evening called “what do you have in your house?”…It was based in 2 Kings 4:1-7. The story was about a woman who’s husband had died and left her in debt and the collectors were coming to take her son’s away and make them slaves to pay the debt….by the end of the story the woman had taken the oil (about a saucer full) and poured it into jars (by a miracle), sold it, and prospered to pay the debt and her and her sons could live off of the rest.  When I got home that night my personal oil bottles seemed to stand out a little more than usual; see my husband and I had been wearing body oils for years and mixing them together.  That night as I slept I smelled a particular fragrance in my sleep and got up and began to blend the fragrances until I came up with our first fragrance.  We began to sell to friends and family and the word spread as we met other people.
Fragrance Cafe’ offers one of a kind fragrance oil blends and hand made body products.  We are the home of Cafe’ Cream Body Whip, the body whip that’s better than butter.  We’ve actually been operating as a business since 2007.
2. How did you come up with the name of your business?
We came up with the name of the business because we wanted to offer people an experience in fragrance simular to what they would get in a coffee house, you can have your favorite blend served just your way.
3. What sets you apart from the rest?
What sets us apart from the rest is that we aren’t your typical, run of the mill perfume oil business.  We create our own fragrance oil blends from pure perfume oils (uncut), real essential oils, resins, and botanicals from all over the world. Some can be blended and sold the same day and some have to cure for up to 30 days, like our signature fragrance “Amber Unique”
4. What would you say are the most important factors of running a successful business?
To me the most important factor in running a successful business is service in excellence with excellence.  We always try to make sure that our clients are not just satisfied, but happy, and happy enough to tell their friends. 
5. What Company or businesses do you admire the most?
 I really don’t have a particular choice in a company that I admire most, but I admire any company that is woman owned, black woman owned, and anything to do with custom hand made items, whether it be food, art, clothing, jewelry, etc.  I just love the creative process of human beings.
We are offering 15% off any of our 1oz. Fragrance Oil Blends through February 15th for those that are referred by Jewelry Fetish!
We are Fragrance Cafe’
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